Welcome to Kimi Motors Pvt Ltd

Kimi Motors, along with its allied companies, has more than a decade of experience and proven excellence in the field of electric mobility, with India’s first ever electric component mall in Navi Mumbai

Our mission is to partner with the world to make every one travel responsibly with awesomeness blended e-bikes and scooters by 2030.

Our vision is to help and strive to preserve the world’s future with sustainable, cleaner, greener, operationally efficient, utility effective, innovative mobility solutions today.

Kimi Motors

Electric Scooter in Navi Mumbai

Speaking about KIMI Motors, Shrikant Shinde, the visionary founder of GoGo Group, says “I hail from a farmer’s family. We are devoted to the planet and its produce for generations. As I grew, I saw the damage being done to the environment because of swell in the carbon emissions due to appliances, vehicles and rapid industrialization.

We can’t stop the development but we need to find ways to lead speed and at the same time conserve our future. As an automobile technologist, I thought I could contribute to this thought by embracing e-mobility. KIMI is a step forward in this direction.